Wobuffet is supr awsomme movset bye me. I mad it forr MYm% and I thnk its' the bes mtoveset but nowone has comented onit y3t. Pleese red this an commment on WObbutfet. BUUT BE NIXE ABOU TIT!


WOBufft Pushie dll! ZZomG! (jnoi the Wbuoffet fan cub pleaz!?)

Wfbuffets moveste is all abuot defencse and portect against bad charctr guys. He cn duk to stp kbockbac and hi s hed is geart for racking dMAGE

Fianal SmSh==Edit

Woobuft uses Des6iny blnd to makr the enemy die twce insead of once! This attck wsa cool in pookmn games adn is cooler hear i n barwl!

+-c5iticl Respshion=Edit

N0oen has comemnteed on Wobby yet... bee th fist to do so! but br nice bout it kO?