Link and Zero Suit Samus charging Smash Attacks.

Smash Attacks are just like Tilts, but are performed by quickly moving the stick in the desired direction and hitting A, "Smashing" it somewhat, hence the name of the attack and of Super Smash Bros. Three Smash Attacks can be performed depending on which way you tilt the control stick, sideways, upwards, or downwards. Each of these three Smash Attacks are generally called Forward Smash, Up Smash, and Downward Smash, or Fsmash, Usmash, and Dsmash for short. If you hold A down after starting a Smash Attack, you can charge it up, in most cases adding slight knockback and damage. The only moves in Brawl where this is not the case are Snake's U-Smash, where charging increases the range of the smash, and Ness' U- and D-Smashes, where charging only stalls the yo-yo, prolonging the hitbox. MYMers have made many movesets where charging smash attacks does something different, as this helps their movesets be more original.


Mario performing his fsmash.