An Original Character, or "OC" for short, refers to a user-made character who is not taken from any other form of media. Original Characters are generally well-received in Make Your Move, and may range from a simple product of the user's mind, to a self-insert character. Some users, like Chris Lionheart, Iron Thorn, and cheap_josh, are notorious for having created multiple OCs in their time in Make Your Move. Over the process of all the Make Your Move contests, a great number of OCs have been submitted, many even going on to place in their respective contests. To date, the highest placing OC is Donna Levman, an Original Character by Junahu. Donna placed fourth in Make Your Move 3, after Chief Mendez's Lord Dracula, MasterWarlord's Cervantes, and KingK.Rool's Headless Horseman.