A musical moveset is a moveset of a character relating to music. Typically, musical movesets are of actual musicians, although there exists a few exceptions. Usually, a musical moveset uses song names as attack names and the attacks are usually inspired by the song they're named after.

List of musical movesets Edit

Make Your Move Edit

  • Anthony Kiedis by Flying Dutchman
  • Ludwig van Beethoven by MetaLord
  • Eddie by Z.Hoot
  • Eminem by Quatripain
  • Kelsi Nielsen by cena_wolf
  • Miku by Patchi
  • Tori Amos by PrettyGoodYear

Make Your Move 2.0 Edit

Make Your Move 3.0 Edit

Make Your Move 4 Edit

  • Three Days Grace by TWILTHERO
  • Eddie the Head by Sonic the Baron

Make Your Move 5Edit

Make Your Move 6Edit

Make Your Move 7Edit

  • One Man Band by Kris121

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