Magikoopa was KingK.Rool's first MYM moveset, posted about a quarter into MYM 3.0. He is a well-known but generic Marioverse enemy, serving in the higher echelons of Bowser's troops, and specializing in changing the form of other enemies, making them much more dangerous. The moveset didn't receive much attention, but made it into the Top 50 regardless.

Concept and Creation Edit

K.Rool came into Make Your Move with many of the moveset-making attitudes of the pre-SSBB days. In fact, this first moveset used many older ideas, from a Kamek moveset he had made about a year earlier. It was completed very quickly, as its rather small detail would imply, over a span of two or three days. K.Rool opted for this character for a first moveset because he already had something to build on; a rough blueprint. He also quickly thought up a central mechanic that would help to summarize the character as he appears in the Paper Mario series.

Moveset Edit

Magikoopa was a beginner's effort. The layout was very simplistic, colours were applied haphahazardly, and a few of the specials were decidedly generic. Despite that, there was a good spread of interesting, creative attacks, based around Magikoopa's many brands of magic. The downside of this was the intrisic brokenness of a full moveset of mostly projectile attacks.

Magikoopa's main selling point was his ability to change robe colours - and therefore Magikoopa type - which allowed him to use a variety of different transformations on himself, from electrifying himself to making himself larger to making himself transparent and ghost-like. This concept was drawn directly from Magikoopa's fighting style in Paper Mario.

Reception Edit

Magikoopa received a few compliments upon being posted, but was quickly forgotten, or so it seemed. The few comments it got criticized the mechanic, saying that it would make alternate costumes awkward. K.Rool later amended this by posting some sample alt. colours of his own.

The moveset got some more advertisement when he requested a review from Mendez, who criticized the balance and complimented the creative, unique attacks.

K.Rool was later surprised when the moveset, his weakest one by far, placed 49th on the Top 50, making all six of his movesets placers.

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