Cover art from the game of origin.

agidius came up with the idea for CS Kirby during Simirror's development phase. Kicked off the computer during the middle of a streak, he went straight to the Wii to his Virtual Console copy... where he obtained the Fire Sword ability right off the bat. Thinking that Kirby with a sword would be a hilarious set to make, he immediately saaw that a set made with ALL the possible powers would have far more potential. Knowing that KingK.Rool had made a similar moveset back in MYM 3.0, agidius saught his blessing before pursuing the idea too far. As it turned out, Crystal Shards was his favorite game, and he was very supportive of the idea.

With this praise in mind, agidius started work on the set... and immediately encountered an obstacle. Not choosing a single move to represent the Neutral Special, he instead opted to leave it intact... with the ability to combine multiple powers of Brawlers. This lead to 780 different attacks to be developed, something unseen in any set of the past. Realizing the impressive task ahead of him, he did what any tried-and-true MYMer would do in such a time of need: opened it to the general public for development. That's right, send in ANY AND ALL of your combinations of two Brawlers to agidius (besides doubles) and he will incorporate them into the moveset.